First-time Login

What to expect when logging in for the first time to SPIRE Digital Banking

A step-by-step guide of what to expect and what you'll need to know when login in for the first time to SPIRE Digital Banking. We encourage you to give yourself extra time to get your account setup.

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Where to Login

Visit or open the SPIRE Mobile app to get started.

— TIPS —
If you use Internet Explorer, for your browser, it won't work with SPIRE Digital Banking. We encourage you to update now to Microsoft Edge or use another browser like Google Chrome instead.
See Supported Browsers.

If your SPIRE Mobile app doesn't automatically update, download it here.

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Enter Your Username

Use your current username to login - do not enter a password.

— TIPS —
If you have multiple usernames to access your accounts, simply choose one of them.
You'll see the accounts that you're listed as a Primary and Joint accountholder
all together in the new SPIRE Digital Banking.

If you "share" a username with someone else, enter it. If you're not the Primary accountholder, you'll be asked to register your own username.

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Verify Your Identity

After you enter your username, you will be prompted to request a temporary password.
To make sure you are who you say you are, we will lead you through a verification process. You will want to have the following information handy:
Your Social Security Number, account number, and birthdate,
as well as the phone number and email address we have on file.

Once your identity is confirmed, you will receive a temporary password by email or text message. 

— TIP —
Confirm your contact information today in Internet Banking or by calling us so we can correctly verify your identity during registration.
If the contact information we have on file for you is incorrect, 
Request to Update Your Contact Information.

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Choose a Password

After entering your temporary password, you will set a new password.
Do not share this password with anyone.
If you want others to have access to your accounts, you'll have the chance to do that securely without sharing your username and password.

— TIP —
Your new password must be at least 12 characters long and include
a number, capital letter, and special character.

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Setup Your Account

After you set your password, you're in! We will guide you through some steps on setting up new account notifications, giving other people access to your accounts (if you wish), and managing BillPay.

— TIP —
If something doesn't look right please call us or use the new chat feature!

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