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Be Prepared for the 2019 Holiday Season

December 26, 2018
Be Prepared for the 2019 Holiday Season

Did you spend more this holiday season than you expected? It seems like the holidays come faster every year, but you can help plan for all of the extra expenses by opening a SPIRE Holiday Savings account. Gifts, party clothes, food, decoration and donations add up quickly and it can be a stressful instead of joyful time if you are not prepared.

SPIRE offers a Holiday Savings account to help you prepare for holidays all year long. By simply putting some money aside each week or each month, you can easily save throughout the year while earning dividends. The money you set aside in your SPIRE Holiday Savings account will automatically be deposited into your checking account on November 1, so you can use it to start shopping!

To learn more, visit visit your local SPIRE branch.

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