SPIRE Certificate Accounts

SPIRE Certificates are a great way to save with a guaranteed interest rate locked-in for the term of your choice.

  • Dividends can be paid to a SPIRE Certificate, Share Savings account, Money Market Savings account or Checking account.
  • Traditional and Roth IRA Certificate dividends must be paid back to the IRA Certificate.
  • All dividends are calculated daily and paid quarterly. Actual payment is at calendar quarter end and at maturity.

Account Levels & Terms

SPIRE offers three levels of certificate accounts with a variety of terms.

Regular Certificates
3 to 60 month terms with a $500 minimum balance.

Premium Certificates
3 to 60 month terms with a $10,000 minimum balance.

Jumbo Certificates
12 to 36 month terms with a $100,000 minimum balance.


SPIRE offers a unique, "Trade-up Your Certificate" program, which allows you to take advantage of rising interest rates.

You have the option to trade any existing Certificate to a new Certificate of equal or greater term. There is no limit to the number of times you can trade up. A fee of 1% of the principal balance of the existing Certificate will be imposed on each trade-up.


Regular Certificates

Certificates ($500 Minimum Balance) 3/23/2020

Dividend APY*
3 Months0.4490.450
6 Months0.6480.650
12 Months1.1441.150
18 Months1.2921.300
24 Months1.3911.400
36 Months1.5881.600
48 Months1.7851.800
60 Months2.0802.100
Premium Certificates
Jumbo Certificates

IRA and HSA Certificates are also available.
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*Annual Percentage Yield.
At our discretion, dividend rates are subject to change on the first business day of each week and the first business day of each month (unless otherwise noted).

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