Switch Kit

Deciding to switch financial institutions can be hard, but switching your account to SPIRE is easy when you follow these five simple steps.

Step 1

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Open a SPIRE Account

Submit a completed Membership Application and Notary Form to SPIRE.  You can mail or bring them to your nearest branch location.

Step 2

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Once you have your account number, submit a Direct Deposit Change form to your Human Resources Department.
SPIRE Routing Number: 291075116
Change Direct Deposit

Step 3

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Notify or submit a completed Automatic Payment Change Form to each company (cable, gas, etc...) that is taking a payment out of your account.
Change Automatic Payments

Step 4

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Close Old Accounts

After all withdrawals have cleared, transfer the balance to SPIRE. Submit an Account Closure form to your previous financial institution.
Close Old Account

Step 5

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Shred Documents

Bring old checks, ATM/debit cards and deposit slips to the nearest SPIRE branch location to be shredded free of charge.

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