photo of the credit union's 1952 Ford Pickup Truck, Archie

SPIRE is Becoming Blaze

SPIRE + Hiway are Becoming Blaze Credit Union

Hiway and SPIRE will legally merge as of January 1, 2024, and, as part of honoring our pledge to come together as equals, we’re creating an entirely new name and brand!

Inspired by our shared histories and roots, as well as the new credit union’s vision, our name represents what we do for you: guidance, navigation, and wayfinding.

SPIRE + Hiway are becoming Blaze Credit Union January 1, 2024
trail icon

Blazing Your Trail

We’re your partner along your path,
showing you the way forward toward
your goals and dreams.
We’d like to introduce you to Blaze Credit Union.
We’re here to help you go for it,
whatever your “it” might be.

Blaze "B" logo

With You on the Road of Life

The ‘B’ in our logo is carved to show a
blazed trail to a destination. Our color palette
is full of coppers, golds, and greens - colors
of money and regional scenery like raw iron ore,
warm sunsets, and the mighty pine tree.
And even if you’re more of an indoors-person
who prefers comfy slippers and sheltered skyways
to hiking boots and daunting switchbacks, you’re
still traveling along a trail of your own.

photo of the credit union's 1952 Ford Pickup Truck, Archie


Yes, SPIRE’s well-loved 1952 Ford, Archie,
has undergone a makeover, and the truck
will continue to be a part of the new brand.
Archie will be joined by Dot, Hiway’s late-model
Ford F150, whose name honors Hiway’s
Department of Transportation origins.

We’re all on a journey, and we want to be a part of yours.
You’ve got dreams. We’ve got tools. Let’s go for it.

SPIRE + Hiway Partnership

Both strong, solvent, and growing, Hiway
Credit Union and SPIRE Credit Union are
 joining forces to bring our members, our
employees, and our communities more.

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