Skip-A-Pay Program

Skip a loan payment to keep a little extra money in your pocket when you need it most.

If you have a SPIRE consumer vehicle, recreational vehicle, or personal loan and it is in good standing, you could qualify!

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Login to SPIRE Digital Banking

Apply to skip a payment today by logging in to SPIRE Digital Banking.
Then select Skip-a-Pay from the Transfer & Pay menu.

Helping you reach your financial goals is our goal.

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Skip a Payment on Your SPIRE Loan

If you have a SPIRE consumer vehicle,
recreational vehicle, or personal loan, you can
apply to skip an upcoming payment.

Skipped payments are added to the end of the term of your loan.

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Skip for Any Reason

Have some extra money during the holidays
for gifts or pay off credit card bills.

Plan a trip or make a big purchase.

It's your choice!

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Skip Once Each Year

You can skip a payment on a SPIRE loan
once each calendar year.

Your loan must be at least six months old
with six payments made.

Eligibility Requirements

Your SPIRE consumer vehicle, recreational vehicle, or personal installment loan and account must be in good standing and never previously delinquent more than 30 days.

Your loan must be at least six months old and you must have made at least six payments.

Your loan must have never been modified or in a workout status.

The next payment due date on the loan must be at least five calendar days in the future.

Loan balances under $10,000 do not incur a fee.. A $25 fee per loan skipped applies for loans with a balance of over $10,000. The fee can be paid from your SPIRE accounts or added to your loan balance. Fee is charged per loan skipped. 

A skipped payment can be performed once every calendar year.

Interest will still accrue on the loan(s) even if you defer the payment(s). Restrictions may apply. Skipping a loan payment will increase the term of your loan and increase the total interest.

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