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Whether you're across town or across an ocean, you can get cash or make deposits easily using our network of ATMs and your SPIRE Visa® Debit card.  Our network includes SPIRE branch ATMs, as well as thousands of partner ATMs.


SPIRE members enjoy free ATM transactions at the following locations:

  • SPIRE Branches
  • Kwik Trip & Kwik Star locations nationwide
  • Minnesota CVS locations
  • Minnesota Walgreens locations
  • CHS Field – Home of the St. Paul Saints
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CO-OP connected credit unions offer a worldwide network of Surcharge-free ATMs. Owners of these ATMs do not charge a transaction fee, however SPIRE may charge a fee.
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ATM Deposits

SPIRE members can make deposits free of charge at select SPIRE ATMs.

understanding ATM Fees

There are two types of ATM fees/charges:

  • Surcharge: Fee imposed by an ATM owner at the time of the transaction
  • Bank ATM Fee:​  Offen referred to as an "out-of-network fee," this is a fee imposed by a financial institution such as SPIRE that appears on your statement

ATM Fee Waiver

SPIRE waives up to two ATM fees per month from non-proprietary ATMs if an account has one of the following types of shares:

  • Money Market Savings
  • Checking Plus
  • 55 Plus Checking


The ATM Fee Rebate Program

SPIRE offers a rebate program for ATM Fees. This program is designed to reward members for doing business with us and being a stakeholder in SPIRE. The amount of your rebate is dependent upon your aggregate average daily balance, which is calculated from the last statement date. The fee rebate breakdown is as follows: Aggregate Average Daily Balance1 ATM Fee RebateUp To: $20,000 and greater $4.
1Aggregate average daily balance includes all savings and loan balances that are listed under the same account that the ATM card is attached to
2You cannot receive a rebate for more than your actual posted ATM fees

Other Ways to get Cash Without a Fee

Point of Sale Purchase Cash Back​  Point of Purchase (POS)

When completing a purchase at a retailer with your SPIRE Visa® Debit card, a Cash Back option is available on the card reader.

CO-OP Shared Branches  CO-OP Shared Branch Withdrawal

SPIRE members can make withdrawals at other CO-OP connected credit unions.  Withdrawals must be completed at a teller window, not at a CO-OP ATM, to avoid fees.

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