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Can I use BillPay with the mobile app?

Yes, but you must be enrolled in SPIRE’s BillPay. BillPay will show as a menu item on SPIRE’s mobile app.

Which smartphones or devices are compatible with SPIRE’s Mobile App?

  • All iPhone models
  • iPad models 3 and above
  • Android platforms
  • Windows platforms
NOTE: Blackberry smartphones do not currently support SPIRE Credit Union Mobile App.

Why should I update my Mobile App when prompted?

SPIRE will continue to update the app for enhancements and performance improvements to enhance your experience. You will likely be prompted to make these updates, but you can also check your device or app store for notices about version updates. If an update is available, follow the simple instructions. In addition, SPIRE will notify you of major updates.

Is SPIRE’s Mobile App free?


Is my personal information safe with SPIRE’s mobile app?

Yes. Your personal information is safe with us. We use the most advanced encryption and monitoring technology. We secure your accounts with your unique username and password. Your personal banking information is not stored on your phone. Fingerprint recognition is available if you choose as well.
Note: Your login credentials are the same as your Internet Banking username and password.

I can't get into my account via SPIRE’s Mobile App. What's going on?

If you have made multiple attempts to log on and you are denied access, your account may have been locked for security. Call us at 651.215.3500 to unlock your account.

What happens if my phone or mobile device is lost or stolen?

Don't worry; we can help! First, follow all of the steps recommended by your service provider for a lost or stolen device. Then, call us at 651.215.3500 for assistance.

How do I know I am downloading SPIRE’s Mobile App?

It's important to download mobile apps from reputable sources only. Make sure SPIRE Credit Union is listed as the app publisher or seller in the Apple Store, Windows Store or Google Store.

What type of mobile wallets does SPIRE offer?

Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay are all available free of charge.
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