Members of SPIRE management team visit Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare

SPIRE members and staff donate thousands to Gillette Children's each year

Dec 05, 2017

Members of the SPIRE management team visited Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare on Tuesday to receive a tour of their facilities.  They saw first-hand how donations by SPIRE members and staff are used on a daily basis to improve the lives of children.

SPIRE management team at Gillette Children's Hospital

SPIRE staff witnessed how Gillette provides prostheses and plastic surgery services, rehabilitation services including aquatic pool therapy and gate and motion, and sleep study services, which are only a few of types of care children receive from Gillette each day.

Boasting their gait and motion analysis center as one of the world’s busiest and most respected, one of the six special scales calibrated to determine what muscles and joints a child is using to balance and walk can cost over $10,000 to replace.

As part of the Credit Unions for Kids program and SPIRE Give Back Team, SPIRE members and staff graciously donate on average over $10,000 each year to Gilette Children's Specialty Healthcare.

Known as a leader in specialty care for children, Gillette Children's is celebrating 120 years of care in St. Paul.   To learn more about how SPIRE gives back to the communities we serve, please visit