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Protect Yourself from Tax Identity Theft

February 04, 2021
Protect Yourself from Tax Identity Theft

How it Works

Tax season is the time when people start gathering their financial documents and prepare to file their taxes. For fraudsters, it’s the time to ramp-up their efforts to defraud not just individuals but companies, as well. Although tax scams happen year round, tax season is when they are the worst. Fraudsters will pretend to be the IRS, your tax preparer, or even your financial institution in an attempt to obtain sensitive information.


What to Do

One of the most important tips to prevent tax related identity theft is to protect your information. In an effort to protect your information, the IRS has established Identity Protection PINs (IP PIN). Prior to 2021, you were only able to obtain an IP PIN if you were a victim of identity theft. Now, it is open to all taxpayers.

Never provide your personal information to an unsolicited call or request. If you have opted in and received an IP PIN from the IRS, do not provide it to anyone — not even the IRS. As a reminder, the IRS will never call, email or text and ask you for personal information, your IP PIN, or to inform you of an issue with your taxes.
For more information and you get an IP PIN, visit the IRS Website.

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