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Dan Stoltz Leads Groundbreaking of Ice Palace

January 12, 2018
Dan Stoltz Leads Groundbreaking of Ice Palace

SPIRE President/CEO Dan Stoltz and Chairman of the Ice Board of Governors led the groundbreaking ceremony of the Winter Carnival Ice Palace on Tuesday.

The first of 5,000 ice blocks was set as the cornerstone of the structure. Each of the ice blocks weighs 500 pounds, but a few of them will weigh a little more as miniature SPIRE Archie trucks have been frozen inside of them!

construction of Ice Palace with toy Archie trucks  inside ice

Toy Archie truck frozen in ice block

The 5,000 ice blocks will form six ice spires representing King Boreas, Aurora Queen of the Snows and each of the four wind princes and princesses of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family.

SPIRE is a proud partner of the Winter Carnival Ice Palace.

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