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Don't Be Spoofed

July 18, 2022
Don't Be Spoofed

All industries are noticing an increase in attempts to gather personal information by way of “spoofing.” Spoofing is when someone impersonates a reputable person, company, or brand.
As a reminder, SPIRE will never ask for your passwords, verification code of any kind, PIN, or other sensitive information by email, text, or unsolicited phone call. Do not share that information with anyone.

How to Protect Yourself

Valid Text Message Alerts

SPIRE will only send text alerts to you from a five-digit short code - they will never come from an actual phone

number. SPIRE’s official short codes are 66368, 67669, 49447. You can add these trusted short codes to your contact list so you know when you receive valid text alerts.

Two-factor or Multi-factor Authentication

Verification codes are codes sent directly to you via text message, email, or digital voice call. Never share those codes with anyone. SPIRE will never ask you for these codes.

Email Communications

When receiving an email, be cautious of any links within the email. By clicking on the link, it could take you to a fake website or install malware on your device. Any link from SPIRE will take you to our official website, You can hover over or long-press a link to reveal where it will take you without actually sending you to the site.

Official SPIRE App & Website

Don’t sign into your account online through a link provided in an email or message. Always make sure to use the official SPIRE Mobile app from the Apple App or Google Play store or type into your browser when accessing SPIRE Digital Banking.

If you have provided any personal or account information to someone claiming to be from SPIRE Credit Union, please contact us immediately at 651.215.3500.

For more fraud prevention tips please visit:

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