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SPIRE Members Win $5,000 in Scholarships

March 06, 2020
SPIRE Members Win $5,000 in Scholarships

Five SPIRE Credit Union members have each won a $1,000 scholarship in both traditional and non-traditional student categories from the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Council (FSC). A total of $5,000 was awarded to SPIRE members. SPIRE Credit Union has been a long-time supporter of the FSC Scholarship program.

Over 950 students from credit unions throughout the state applied for scholarships. The FSC rated each applicant’s school and community involvement, as well as an essay answering the question: “What is your plan to afford the costs of higher education based on your anticipated degree and future career income?” The scholarship winners described their plans as follows:

Dylan Abboud

Although he knows loans will be part of his funding strategy, his overall goal will be to graduate with as little debt as possible using perseverance, hard work, determination, and dedication.

Reese Thompson

She developed decision trees to assess pros and cons of different schools. She will leverage financial packages, maximize school scholarships, and work a job throughout college to fund her educational goals.

Shane Thompson

He planned ahead for college by enrolling in PSEO classes during high school, completing all available classes prior to high school graduation. He is now moving on to community college, and plans on paying off each semester as it comes, avoiding student loans.

Kaden Czech

Diligently, she worked throughout high school on her academics, attaining an ACT score that gained her a significant academic scholarship. She also took AP, College in School, and PSEO courses, and will start her college career with fifty credits. Kaden will work extra jobs and pursue internships to supplement these measures.

Herbert Schabel

At the age of 49, decided to go back to school to become a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). Through the sale of his home and other liquid savings, he could fund only about half of the total tuition and living expenses. The remaining amount will come from student loans, scholarships, and hard work. 

“I am so proud of our SPIRE members for pursuing their educational dreams,” said Bridget Petersen, SPIRE MVP Community Outreach and former FSC Chair, “Having previously served on the FSC, reviewing thousands of scholarships over the years, I know how much competition there is for an FSC scholarship. These winners are truly Best in Class and deserving of this recognition!”

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