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Protect Yourself from Remote Access Fraud

November 15, 2021
Protect Yourself from Remote Access Fraud

Remote access is the ability for someone to login or access your device even though they are not physically there. A device could be your cell phone, home computer, work computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, etc.


How it Works

Remote Access Fraud occurs when you allow a fraudster that is pretending to be another individual or company to remote in to your device. The fraudster then has access to sensitive data and is able to commit various types of frauds/scams against you.

This fraud most commonly happens the following ways:

  1. You receive a pop up, message, email or alert advising that your device has detected a virus, malware or other security issue. The message or caller tells you they can fix the problem, but they need you to allow them remote access into your device.
  2. You receive an email, call or message stating you were overcharged or billed for a purchase and the only way to credit your account is for you to download and app or software to allow remote access into your device.

What to Do

Allowing remote access into your computer or device means you are giving that person full control. The only time remote access should be necessary is when you are working offsite and are “remotely” logging in to your work computer, or your employer’s Information Technology (IT) department needs to access it to perform updates or troubleshoot issues with you.

To be safe, we recommend that you never allow remote access into your device unless you are absolutely sure you are speaking with the authorized individual at your work.

To learn more about this scam, please visit the Federal Trade Commission Website. For more information, please visit

The information contained in this article is meant for general informational purposes only. You should not rely solely on one piece of information to protect yourself from ID Theft and/or fraud and in no way does SPIRE guarantee that ID Theft and/or fraud will never occur if you follow these recommendations.
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