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Raising Awareness & Funds for Cancer Fight

October 03, 2022
Raising Awareness & Funds for Cancer Fight

Cancer is something that impacts us all, whether it is our own diagnosis or that of a loved one. That is why SPIRE’s Give Back programs have always supported cancer research, patient support, and awareness.

This October, SPIRE employees are raising funds for the American Cancer Society of Minnesota by wearing “We Care” t-shirts on Fridays and Saturdays. Staff could purchase a t-shirt in one of nine different colors, each color representing the cancer awareness ribbon of a particular type of cancer.

Staff chose t-shirts representing each of the following cancers:
Pink – Breast Cancer
Dark Blue – Colon Cancer
Orange – Leukemia and Lymphoma
White – Lung Cancer
Teal – Ovarian Cancer
Gold – Pediatric Cancer
Light Blue – Prostate Cancer
Black – Skin Cancer
Lavender – All Cancers

Since 2015, SPIRE employees have raised more than $10,000 for the American Cancer Society by purchasing wearable items for this cause.

Join SPIRE in supporting the American Cancer Society by making a donation on NetGiver today!

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