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Free SPIRE Digital Banking lets you manage your SPIRE accounts no matter where your day takes you.

Always login to SPIRE Digital Banking from or the SPIRE Mobile app available only on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Never download an app from a third-party website as they are most likely spoof apps designed to steal your information. Learn more.

A Reimagined SPIRE Digital Banking
Mobile App is Coming Soon!

A clean and simple design will make it easier to navigate,
find account information, and perform transactions.

Turn on Automatic App Updates

To make sure you're always on the latest app version,
turn on automatic app updates in your device's system preferences.

Android PIN No Longer Supported

If your device does not support Face or Touch ID,
you will need to enter your password to log into SPIRE Digital Banking.

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Stay on top of your finances with SPIRE Digital Banking.
Log in today and experience the SPIRE difference.

We believe SPIRE is more than a financial institution.
Our Core Purpose is to improve lives and we want to be a partner in life with you.

First-time User Guide

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Seamless Experience

Manage your accounts from a universal user experience
on any supported device, browser, or the SPIRE Mobile app.

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Quickly Transfer & Pay

Easily make loan, credit card, and other payments
all in one place - even for accounts outside of SPIRE.

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Secure Access

Keeping you and your accounts safe is
top priority at SPIRE.

Securely access your accounts on any device using
Touch or Face ID, and multi-factor authentication.

Customize text, email, and push notifications to keep tabs on your accounts.

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Free Digital Banking

Manage your accounts for free on SPIRE Digital Banking.

Services include BillPay, eStatements, transfers,
direct deposit, digital wallet, check deposit, and more! 

Data uploads to services like Quicken and Mint are also free.

Have Questions?

Review the Frequently Asked Questions below to find many helpful tips.

Chat Live

Login to SPIRE Digital Banking to chat with
a SPIRE Contact Center Representative
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Message Center

Login to SPIRE Digital Banking and select Message Center
under the Alerts & Messages menu to leave a secure
message about your account.


I need help logging into SPIRE Digital Banking.
I have a SPIRE Business account.
I don't see all of my SPIRE accounts.
I need to update my contact information.

How do I give someone access to my accounts?
How do I set up account & card alerts?
How do I transfer or send money?
How do I pay my SPIRE loan?
How do I set up BillPay?
SPIRE Mobile App


Login Assistance

If you are logging in for the first time, we recommend you login to from an Internet browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. First Time Login Guide

How do I find my member number?
What are the password requirements?
I’m stuck at the verification screen. What’s wrong?
Can I login to SPIRE Digital Banking for the first time on the app?
I have a Business account. How do I login?
What is a Verification Code?
Passcode vs. Fingerprint, Touch ID, or Face ID. What's the difference?
Should I select "Remember Device?"
What Is MFA/Multi-factor Authentication?
I can't log in. What's wrong?
I'm locked out. What do I do now?
How do I reset my Password or Username?


Account & Credit Card Alerts

Customize text, email, and push notifications to keep tabs on activity on your accounts and SPIRE Visa Debit or Credit cards to avoid fraud.

Where do I set up notifications?


Transferring Money

Using the Transfer widget, you can transfer money from one of your SPIRE accounts to another, send money to another SPIRE member, pay your SPIRE loans, or send money to an account outside of SPIRE.

How do I send money to another SPIRE member?
How do I send money to an account outside of SPIRE?
How do I pay my SPIRE loan?
What are my transfer limits?
Why can't I delete or edit my reoccurring transfer?



SPIRE Digital Banking offers complimentary BillPay. You can manage your payments and payees from any device – including the SPIRE Mobile app.

How do I access BillPay?
Do I need a SPIRE checking account to enroll in BillPay?
Why hasn't my BillPay payee received my payment when the funds have been taken out of my account?
Why hasn't my BillPay check cleared?
Why can't I enroll in e-bill for a specific payee?
Why am I not able to update a payee address?
Why is my BillPay payment being sent as a check?
Why can't I make changes to my pending BillPay payment?
What is my BillPay limit?


SPIRE Mobile App

With Mobile Deposit Capture; customizable push notifications; Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Google Pay mobile wallet compatibility; Apple Watch compatibility; and more, access and manage your accounts from anywhere!

Download on the Apple App Store     Get it on Google Play

Can I login to SPIRE Digital Banking for the first time on the app?
Passcode vs. Fingerprint, Touch ID, and Face ID. What's the difference?
Will I be able to use Mobile Deposit Capture?
How do I filter transactions on the app?
What are my Mobile Deposit Capture limits?


Individual User Logins

SPIRE uses individual or “user centric” usernames and passwords. Primary and Joint Accountholders have their own login credentials and won’t need to (and shouldn’t) “borrow” or share login information.

You will only need to use one username and password to access all of the accounts you are listed as a Primary or Joint Accountholder.

How do I know if I am a Primary or Joint Accountholder?
Why don’t I see my name listed on our statements?
I want others to see my accounts on SPIRE Digital Banking. How do I do that?
Why can't I view my statement?
Why can't I view my business statements?


Business Accounts

Manage all of your business finances within SPIRE Digital Banking.

How do I set up access to my business account?
Can I login to my business accounts from the mobile app?
Can I give access to my business accounts to other people?
How can I access my business statements?
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