Business Certificates

Certificates ($500 Minimum Balance)Rates Effective: 9/1/2020

Dividend APY*
3 Months0.1500.150
6 Months0.3000.300
12 Months0.4990.500
18 Months0.5490.550
24 Months0.6480.650
36 month0.8970.900
48 Months1.1451.150
60 Months1.2941.300

Premium Certificates ($10,000 Minimum Balance)Rates Effective: 9/1/2020

Dividend APY*
3 Months0.2500.250
6 Months0.3990.400
12 Months0.5990.600
18 Months0.6480.650
24 Months0.7480.750
36 Months0.9961.000
48 Months1.2441.250
60 Months1.3931.400

Jumbo Certificates ($100,000 Minimum Balance)Rates Effective: 9/2/2020

Dividend APY*
12 Months0.5990.600
24 Months0.7480.750
36 Months0.9961.000

Trade Up Policy

SPIRE's "Trade Up Your Certificate" program allows you to trade any existing Certificate to a new Certificate of greater or equal term to take advantage of rising dividend rates. The term of the new certificate must be greater than or equal to the remaining term of the existing Certificate. A fee of 1% of the principal balance of the existing Certificate will be imposed on each trade up. There is no limit to the number of times you can trade up.

*Quoted Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assumes dividends earned are paid and compounded quarterly to the Certificate and remain on deposit at maturity. If dividends are paid to any other account or withdrawn prior to the Maturity Date, the APY will vary slightly. A withdrawal of dividends will reduce earnings. See Certificate Account Disclosure for additional information.
Dividends can be paid to a Certificate, Share Savings Account, Money Market Savings Account or Checking Account.

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