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What is a SEG?

A Select Employee Group (SEG) is a company that offers SPIRE membership as a benefit to employees and their families.

Benefits for SEG employees include

  • Access to great SPIRE loan rates keeps more money in their employees’ pockets.
  • SPIRE offers direct deposit, Internet Banking and 16 branches, making membership for employees convenient.
  • SPIRE representatives can visit employers to answer employee questions.
  • Once an employee is a member of SPIRE, their membership follows them the rest of their lives, regardless of employment status.

Employees should contact their Human Resource Department to discuss becoming a member of SPIRE.

Benefits for SEG employers include

  • Joining SPIRE on behalf of your employees is easy and FREE.
  • Offering access to SPIRE for employees is a great lifetime benefit to offer your employees and their families.
  • SPIRE works directly with your Human Resource Departments to provide materials for new hire packets, and to schedule visits to answer questions employees might have about joining SPIRE.
  • Employees can always contact SPIRE directly with questions.

How to Become a SEG

Becoming a SEG is a simple process.

  • Submit the SEG letter to SPIRE on your company letterhead.
  • SPIRE will submit the letter to the NCUA on your behalf for approval.
  • Your company will be notified once NCUA approval has been granted.

Contact SPIRE to learn more

Remember: there is no charge for a company to become a SEG.
Once NCUA approval has been granted, any employees who qualify for service will have access to all of the products offered by SPIRE.
Additional questions or inquiries should be directed to 651.215.3500.


Founded in 1934, SPIRE upholds midwestern values like honesty, integrity and hard work. We strive to make it easy to do business with us and truly care about our members.

Call: 651.215.3500 Routing Number: 291075116