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SPIRE Matching $25,000 in NetGiver Donations

November 29, 2021
SPIRE Matching $25,000 in NetGiver Donations

SPIRE has announced that it will be matching up to $25,000* in donations made by SPIRE members who use NetGiver to give between Giving Tuesday, November 30, and the end of the year.

“Every day at SPIRE, we are focused on our core purpose to improve lives and our core action to give back,” said Stephanie Johnson, Community Relations Director. “We know that every one of our members has a cause that is close to their heart, and we want them to know that SPIRE is right by their side to support that cause as well.”

NetGiver is a donation platform that allows credit union members to give to charitable causes with zero fees to organizations or donors. Other payment platforms can charge in excess of 7.5% of the transaction so charities do not receive the full amount of the donation. 

This is the second year that SPIRE has matched member giving this time of year. In 2020, SPIRE members donated $23,883, resulting in a total of $47,766 being donated through the campaign – with none of that amount going to processing fees.

“We’re proud to be a NetGiver partner and provide both our members and our non-profits with the gift of fee-free giving,” said Johnson. “We hope that our members feel the spirit of giving this holiday season and join us in giving back through the platform.”

To qualify for the match, both the member donating and the non-profit must be registered with NetGiver. Registering is easy and completely free. The maximum match per donation is $250.

To learn more about NetGiver, visit 

*The maximum match per donation made on NetGiver is $250.

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