SPIRE offers free HSA Savings, Checking and Certificates

  • No minimum balance, monthly service charges or set up fees
  • Earn dividends on all SPIRE HSAs
  • HSA Checking accounts include a free HSA Visa® Debit Card
  • Free eStatements and Internet Banking
  • Set up a recurring auto transfer or direct deposit a portion of your paycheck into your HSA account

HSA Savings Rates

Health Savings Account

0.10 Dividend

0.10 APY*

HSA Checking Rates

Health Savings Account

0.10 Dividend

0.10 APY*


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*Annual Percentage Yield
At our discretion, dividend rates are subject to change on the first business day of each week and the first business day of each month (unless otherwise noted).


Reduce your insurance premiums by choosing a low-premium HDHP. Put the extra money in your HSA to save for the future.

Earn tax-free dividends. Withdrawals are tax-free when used for qualified medical expenses. You may even be able to deduct your contributions on your tax return, if they are not done on a pre-tax basis by your employer.

You decide how much money to put into the account, you don’t have to contribute every year. Your employer may make contributions as well.

You decide whether to pay current medical bills, including expenses not covered by insurance or to save for future needs like health insurance and medical expenses if unemployed, medical expenses after retirement (before Medicare) or long-term care expenses.

All money left over grows tax-free, including interest. Even if you switch jobs, become unemployed or retire, it’s yours. It can even be passed on to loved ones. Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are never taxed.

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If you are covered by a HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

If you are not currently enrolled in Medicare

If you are not claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return

If you are not covered by a non-HDHP that provides any benefit also covered by your HDHP





Truth in Savings


How much can you contribute1 to a HSA in 2018?

  • For single coverage: $3,450
  • For family coverage: $6,850
  • For those age 55 or older, you can make additional “catch-up” contributions up to $1,000


HDHP amounts as follows:

Per the IRS, an HSA-qualified insurance plan must meet the following dollar limits1 for 2018:

  • A minimum annual deductible of $1,350 for single coverage; $2,700 for family coverage
  • A maximum annual out-of-pocket limit (including co-pays and deductibles) of $6,550 for single coverage; $13,300 for family coverage.

1HDHP & HSA contribution limits are adjusted annually for inflation.


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