Deciding to switch financial institutions is hard, but switching your account to SPIRE is easy when you follow the five simple steps outlined below. Please call us if you need assistance or with any questions at 651.215.3500 or 888.34.SPIRE.

Step 1: Opening a New Account

Submit a completed Membership Application and Notary Form to SPIRE. (via mail, fax or at the nearest branch location).
After receiving your account number and approval, move on to Step 2. Skip Step 2 if you do not have Direct Deposit.

Step 2: Switching Direct Deposit

Submit a completed Direct Deposit Change Form to your Human Resources Department to notify them of your new account information.
Skip Step 3 if you do not have Automatic Payments.

Step 3: Switching Automatic Payments

Submit a completed Automatic Payment Change Form to each company (cable, gas, etc...) that is taking a payment out of your account.

Step 4: Closing Old Accounts

Be sure all of your outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals have cleared your old account.
Transfer the balance of your account to SPIRE.
Submit a completed Account Closure Form to your previous financial institution.
Bring old checks, ATM/debit cards and deposit slips from your previous financial institution to the nearest SPIRE branch location to be shredded FREE of charge.

Step 5: Completion

By successfully completing Steps 1 - 4, you can take full advantage of the products and services SPIRE offers.

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